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At Misty

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Quad Biking 

Our sister company, Tsitsikamma Adventure Land situated on the Misty Mountain Reserve, offers what we believe is the most exciting adventure activity and the only quad bike tour in Tsitsikamma, we give our guests an experience well worth coming back for, we do this by treating our guests as friends, making them feel safe and at home while enjoying the best views of the Tsitsikamma guided by our amazing guides. We bring the energy, come experience it for yourself.

  • R780 per adult driver

  • R380 per passenger

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The David & Valerie Lane Hiking Trail 

Our guided hiking trail shows off pristine scenery, 230m above sea level, on a dramatic escarpment at Misty Mountain Reserve. Our guide will take you through indigenous forests, fynbos, ravines, waterfalls, natural rock pool and the lookout deck. Hike down to the coast where you can enjoy a light lunch  and enjoy a swim before heading back up to Misty. Pre-booking essential.


Child Rate R185




Mashie Chip, Wedge & Foot Golf 

Footgolf is a unique sport, the concept is easy and great for the family, players have to kick a soccer ball into a hole in as few shots as possible. it is very similar to golf except your foot becomes the golf club and the ball is a soccer ball, the new way to play. 






Fresh Water Fishing 

Fishing is a favourite outdoor activity of men, women, children young and old. Fresh water Kurper, Black Bass and Wide Mouth Bass, can be caught in our dams. Keep an eye open for the elusive Fish Eagle.

Mountain Bike Routes

Whether it’s a family cycle or an out ride, choose one of our 4 well-marked colour-coded routes ranging from 8.7 km to 65 km with varying terrain and degrees of difficulty (bring your own bike).  Whether you're a rookie cyclist or a dare devil our mountain bike routes are sure to please all.  






The Dolphin Hiking Trail - Garden Route 

A great deal of the charm of this untamed coastline lies in its rugged and wild nature, and hiking it is therefore not a mere "stroll in the park". It is however achievable by people of all ages who have maintained a good level of fitness and agility and an active lifestyle. Many walkers who may be discouraged by the need to carry a heavy pack are now able to take the challenge and enjoy what is a strenuous but attainable hike through some of South Africa"s most beautiful scenery. 


Due to the nature of the trail, we regret that we do not accept bookings for children under the age of 12 years.

  • 1 January 2022 – 31 October 2022
    R8 500 per person sharing
    R10 200 per person single


15 min away

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures - Kruis Rivier

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Park offers spectacular Zipline adventure slides across the Kruis River. The eight slides, of which the longest is 211m, zigzag along cables across the river gorge, as high as 50m above the water in some places. Each section presents its own surprises, adventure, wonders and beautiful views over indigenous Tsitsikamma fauna and flora. Users can control the speed of their descent, allowing them to stop mid-cable to take in some of the awesome views over the waterfalls. 


The guides provide interesting commentary about the area as patrons traverse the gorge and waterfalls.

Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctury - Witelsbos, Tsitsikamma

Get introduced to wild wolves, which are not endemic to South Africa, but have arrived here over a period of time. The wolf is being used by some unscrupulous breeders to crossbreed with dogs, in the hope that these cross-breeds will supposedly become better guard dogs (which is ridiculous). 

Bring the whole family for a day of real enjoyment in the outdoors with lots of 


exciting moments with the wolves. Call ahead to find out when the wolves are fed to witness first hand how these

animals would feed in the wild.

River Spa Tsitsikamma - Tsitsikamma

Experience the secret of relaxation at River Spa Tsitsikamma. 

A day of ultimate relaxation and pampering begins as soon as you enter the beautiful spa. With only the finest products available - rest assured that you will feel completely indulged whilst experiencing exceptional results regardless of which package you choose.


The spa consists of 2 treatment rooms, a couples room, and a manicure room. So, whether you are a business

professional, a tired mom, on holiday looking to experience the bestTsitsikamma has to offer, we invite you to

spoil yourself.

Tsitsikamma Segway Tours - Storms River

Take a journey through the quaint Stormsriver Village and follow a selection of routes among cool pine forest, indigenous forest, explore the historical Witteklip bridge, the local township and see the majestic 1000 year old Tsitsikamma BIG tree.

Tour trip times range from 1 to 2 hours and the routes do vary 


depending on which of the adventure packages you choose. Training experience is included in all packages. 

Fynboshoek Cheese Farm - Tsitsikamma

A not to be missed lunch spot! The Cheese maker of the Tsitsikamma invites you to come and enjoy a lunch of the cheeses made on his farm. Relax on the terrace overlooking the dam, whilst you are served a variety of Fynboshoek cheeses with freshly baked breads and salads. Round off your meal with coffee or tea and something sweet.


Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours - Storms River

The Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is a unique eco-wilderness adventure that takes place in the magnificent Tsitsikamma indigenous rainforest.

The first of its kind in Africa, the canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 30 meters above the forest floor. Most platforms are located in giant Outeniqua Yellowwood trees.


The scenery and birdlife are spectacular and professional guides provide interesting facts about the forest ecology during the 2½ to 3 hours.

30 min away

Tsitsikamma National Park - Tsitsikamma

Along the South Coast of South Africa lies one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, home to the Garden Route National Park.

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Storms River Tubing - Storms River

Storms river tubing (or Blackwater tubing) is the ultimate adventure experience that derives its name from the color of the Storms river water. The 'black water' color is caused by tannin leaching out of plant matter much like tea.

Tubing trips take place in the Plaatbos Nature reserve and Tsitsikamma National Park. It is only Blackwater Tubing participants that have access to the remote and picturesque areas through which our groups traverse.

Face Adrenalin Bungy Jumping - Bloukrans River

The view from Africa’s highest bridge captures all the majesty and tranquility of the Bloukrans River valley. But there is nothing tranquil about throwing yourself more than 200 metres down towards the river below. Recognised as the ‘highest bungee from a bridge’ in the world, Bloukrans Bungy uses pendulum bungee technology to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible. Jumpers are secured in a full-body harness combined with an ankle connection.

30 min.png

It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the world. They have had a number of world records associated with Bloukrans including the highest commercial bungy jump, most bungy jumps in 1 hour (by one person) and most jumps in 24 hour period (by one person).


Face Adrenalin Bungy Jump has also played host to the likes of Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne, Thabo Mbeki, the Zuma family, Bobby Skinstad, Hansie Cronje, Fanie De Villiers, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, The Amazing Race, and many more famous and not so famous visitors - you never

know who you could meet on any given day at Bloukrans.

Untouched Adventures - Storms River

Discover the awesome untouched Storms River Mouth by kayak, lilo, scuba or snorkel. 

For the young, brave and adventurous (and the young, brave and adventurous at heart!) come experience the best that Tsitsikamma has to offer in the way you feel is best for you. Many of which allows you to experience the wonder and majesty of the Storms River gorge despite the weather


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The Big Tree - Tsitsikamma

The Big Tree in the Tsitsikamma stretches its distinctive yellowwood leaves skywards, towering over the other trees in the canopy. This tree is estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old and is well worth a special visit.

45 min away

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary - Plettenberg Bay

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is home to big cats such as lions , cheetahs, tigers (Siberian, Bengal and white), leopard (spotted and black), jaguar, pumas, caracal, serval cats and other wildlife species such as zebra, wild dog, springbuck, zorilla, honey badger, raccoons and various snake species.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary forms part of The South African Animal Alliance. Currently 3 sanctuaries fall under this conservation umbrella. The 3 sister


sanctuaries are Jukani, Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. To get the most out of your visit we recommend the special COMBO rate

(choose two of or three sanctuaries). This COMBO costs R280 per adult and R140 per child and enables you

to visit two of our three sanctuaries.

Monkeyland - The Garden Route

Entry to Monkeyland is free, yet this only entitles you to spend time on the forest deck, which also doubles as a restaurant named The Blue Monkey Cafe. From the restaurant area, our primates can be seen and heard, but the free entry viewing is limited to the deck area. You have to go on tour to access the forest surrounding the restaurant area - this is where the primates free-roam.

The safaris are walking tours into the forest where the primates have been


released and are free-roaming. The rangers will track the primates down & impart interesting information about them, the forest and anything else you come across. Part of the safari is across our 128 m canopy walk, which actually rises above the forest canopy for a birds-eye view of this primate paradise.

Monkeyland forms part of The South African Animal Alliance. Currently 3 sanctuaries fall under this conservation umbrella. The 3 sister sanctuaries are Jukani, Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. To get the most out of your visit we recommend the special COMBO rate (choose two of

or three sanctuaries). This COMBO costs R280 per adult and R140 per child

and enables you to visit two of our three sanctuaries.

Birds of Eden - The Garden Route

Birds of Eden's unique two-hectare dome (the World’s largest) which spans over a gorge of indigenous forest. The sanctuary has its own mysterious ruin, which incorporates a walk-behind waterfall. Another feature is its amphitheatre, which has the ability to seat over 200 visitors.

Birds of Eden boasts its own canopy walk which hangs above the clouds. The decision to develop Birds of Eden stems from the need to create a safe


environment in which to release a large collection of free-flight African birds, miniature monkeys, and the sanctuary also enables bird owners to apply to release their pet birds into the sanctuary, after undergoing rehabilitation.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary forms part of The South African Animal Alliance. Currently, 3 sanctuaries fall under this conservation umbrella. The 3 sister sanctuaries are Jukani, Monkeyland, and Birds of Eden. To get the most out of your visit we recommend the special COMBO rate (choose two of or three sanctuaries). This COMBO costs R280 per adult and R140 per

child andenables you to visit two of our three sanctuaries.

Tenikwa Awareness Centre - The Garden Route

Tenikwa is located in the rural area outside Plettenberg Bay on the pristine Garden Route in the Western Cape, known for its many natural attractions, protected National Parks, and neighbouring animal sanctuaries.

Tenikwa offers various, small group programs throughout the day, catering for all ages and fitness levels with a focus on providing a conservation-based, informative tour. Guests are charmed by the sincerity of Tenikwa, the


friendliness of our staff and the way in which Tenikwa's passion for conservation shines through.

Whether you visit us for a day, or for an hour, “Come with an Open Mind, Tread with a Lighter Step, Leave

with a Change of Heart”

Elephant Sanctuary - Plettenberg Bay


Elephant Sanctuary, The Crags, Plettenberg Bay, has African elephants and offers an interactive elephant experience and elephant back riding. They offer exciting hands-on educational elephant interactions. This provides guests with a far more intimate experience with the elephants. The dedicated staff is committed to the use of positive reinforcement elephant training methods and as a result, have relaxed elephants who enjoy interacting with guests.


Guests are guided on foot through The Elephant Sanctuary. Guides will provide in-depth information and insight into African elephants. You will be introduced to the elephants in the forest area where you will be able to touch and interact with the elephants and experience the special relationship that the elephant handlers share with their elephants.

There are various tours depending on the duration and intensity of experience you desire.

Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary - The Garden Route

Catering for the snake phobic to the snake lover, Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary offers hourly guided tours with over 100 snakes and other reptiles to see.

Experience a one hour guided tour consisting of an indigenous snake pit, various outdoor exhibits, a large dome housing South African and exotic snakes, followed by enormous pythons, monitor lizards and



Waterworld Plett - Plettenberg Bay


There are plenty of activities to be found all over the park including covered picnic areas and a tranquil River Cafe that caters for all palates. 

Among our swimming pools, trampolines and even a challenging 18 hole mini-golf course, enjoy the fun and excitement as you negotiate the twists and turns at an ever-increasing rate of a 65m snaking waterslide. Spitting you out at the 


bottom into a pool designed to push you onto a ramp with the current it is an adrenaline-filled experience for

young and old alike.

Plett Puzzle Park - Plettenberg Bay

The Plett Puzzle Park features the first amazing life-size 3-D Maze in South Africa, as well as an exciting Forest Puzzle Walk which meanders through the natural forest, and a fun Rope Maze for the kids. This is a place for visitors of all ages to exercise their bodies and minds in an entertaining, educational and affordable way – no more boring days when not on the beach!


Light refreshments are available in a lovely garden setting, and the Puzzle Gift Shop has games and puzzles

for all ages.

60 min away

Adventure Land - Plettenberg Bay

Set in a beautiful natural setting on a 24 hectare estate, Adventure Land offers you a day never to forget. Relax on the large lawns or on one of the wooden decks. Enjoy a picnic or have a braai and watch your family and friends enjoy the water activities and playground. For the hungry, there is a take-away kiosk.

One of the most popular rides, the 75m supertube will keep you coming back for more as it thrills you with twists and turns and finally spits you out into a pool of gushing water.

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